June 18, 2012, 6:01:22 pm

With a team of experienced business advisers, SouthBIC provides practical hands-on training and support business services to ensure Start-ups and MSMEs get off to the right start, or to make sure they are running their business the right way.


Training courses and sessions cover topics from finance and accounts, to operation and administration, to funding and legal issues, product development, skills training, and other topics related to business. Training will help entrepreneurs understand the challenges and benefits of starting a business, and what their next steps should be.

More information: To inquire about training courses available, please call information desk on +961 7 725 948 or email


Product Development and Quality
This service is designed for both start-ups and existing MSMEs to help them ensure that their...
Marketing Services
Marketing services allows SouthBIC to assist the company to better position its product or service...
HR Support
South BIC offers the following services for both start-ups and existing...
Financial Services
The financial services that SouthBIC offers are broad in spectrum; we help start-ups estimate their...