Mentoring Services
June 19, 2012, 1:46:36 am

Mentoring services are designed to assist start-ups and existing small and micro enterprises gain experience by being mentored by someone from their own industry who has in depth knowledge of the market they are working in.  This type of service helps companies get started and help them accelerate their learning curve cutting costs substantially. SouthBIC mentoring experts provide effective hands-on business mentoring and technical assistance to enterprises necessary to move successfully through the business development or expansion process.

Entrepreneurs often have a vision for a successful business, but do not possess or cannot afford specific professional skills to grow their companies to maximum potential. Through mentoring, eligible entrepreneurs that demonstrate potential to grow will be provided with professional mentoring services covering the following areas:


  • Strategic Planning
  • Company Structuring
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Corporate Identity Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • E-commerce
  • Sales Strategy
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Partnering

More information: To inquire about mentoring services available, please call information desk on +961 7 725 948 or email

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