HR Support
June 19, 2012, 1:47:06 am

South BIC offers the following services for both start-ups and existing SMEs: 


Manpower Management: For an entrepreneur of a small and medium enterprise, it becomes extremely important to recruit people who are motivated and driven by the business idea. This ensures a high sense of professionalism in the work environment because all the employees fine-tune their own style of working to achieve greater synergy among each other to convert the ‘dream idea’ into a reality. SouthBIC HR experts will show you the roadmap to attain that.

How to Retain Key Employees: No company wants to lose its bright employees to competitors. Even during the slowdown, companies tried to hold on to their key performers because it became important to stay afloat. Things are now changing for better, and it is only a matter of time before the war for talent will begin again. It becomes critical to work on some retention strategies that can help you hold back your key employees, and our experts will show you the right way to do that.


More information: To inquire about HR support services, please call information desk on +961 7 725 948 or email


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HR Support
South BIC offers the following services for both start-ups and existing...
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