June 19, 2012, 10:00:45 pm

The South Business Innovation Centre (SouthBIC) is the first sustainable stand alone business development centre in South Lebanon, and one of only three such centres operating currently in Lebanon.  Using local and international expertise, SouthBIC is geared towards assisting entrepreneurs and businesses in the South achieve their goals and enhance their competitiveness through enhanced innovation within existing business practice.

SouthBIC offers intensive incubation services to both start-ups and existing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the centre have exhibition facilities through its newly established Business Exhibitions Centre (BEC). We offer physical incubation services where the company resides in the incubation and receives intensive support as well as a wide range of facilities available at SouthBIC.  SouthBIC also extends its services to companies not able to reside within SouthBIC through our remote incubation services platform.  Remote incubation allows the companies being incubated to receive intensive follow up and support from SouthBIC’s wide range of services and can also benefit from SouthBIC’s facilities based on availability and request.   Through both mechanisms, SouthBIC avails a host of services that will help improve the competitiveness of enterprises. 


SouthBIC is located in Saida, Chamber of Commerce Building, with two outreach locations in Nabatiyeh and Tyre. The main location in Saida boasts an industrial incubation facility designed for companies engaged in industrial activities and a concept desk space designed for entrepreneurship and start-ups as well as established businesses in addition to a conference and exhibition centre. The Nabatiyeh & Tyre branch are now operational.


SouthBIC was established by the commitment of its members and through the generous funding of the EU delegation in Lebanon through the Integrated SME Support Programme managed by the Ministry of Economy and Trade.  The board of directors is made up of three important economic and social groupings in the south.  These are:

  • Chamber of Commerce of South Lebanon (CCIAS)
  • Municipality of Saida
  • Hariri Foundation


SouthBIC benefits from the wide synergies made available and accessible through its founding partners.  SouthBIC’s greatest asset to enterprises is its competent, energetic and entrepreneurial team that is capable of guiding its tenants and clients, mentoring them through a wide array of services and cluster building initiatives helping them become more competitive and efficient along the way. The staff brings a wealth of experience and advice in various operational and planning areas that can substantially help improve enterprise performance.

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