Facilities & Infrastructure

Located at a walking distance from SouthBIC administrative building, the Business Exhibitions Centre (BEC) is a unique venue for a long list of events and trade exhibitions. We understand what it takes to make an event happen. BEC’s administrative team organises and creates innovative consumer and trade exhibitions every year and give the chance to MSMEs and start-ups to showcase their products.


  • Total Area of BEC: 1640 sq. meters
  • Booth Areas: Starting from 6 to 65 sq. meters
  • Number of booths in Layout Option#1: 66 – Total display area 763 sq. meters
  • Number of booths in Layout Option#2: 60 – Total display area 550 sq. meters
  • Number of booths in Layout Option#3: 40 – Total display area 522 sq. meters
  • Competitive/subsidized rates and fees
  • Ample and free car parking
  • Catering Services
  • Security
  • Cafeteria & Restrooms
  • Back-up Power Generator

More information: To arrange a site visit to the exhibitions center or to inquire about event dates or exhibitions space available, please call information desk on +961 7 725 948 or email bec@southbic.org

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